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Description: Julia, a woman in a tan tank top, is smiling.

Julia Cecco

Occupational Therapist

As a dedicated and compassionate paediatric Occupational Therapist, Julia is committed to enhancing the lives of children by addressing their unique developmental needs. Julia is particularly interested in addressing sensory processing disorders, fine and gross motor skills development, handwriting difficulties, and activities of daily living. Julia believes in a holistic and family-centred approach, collaborating with parents to create personalised intervention plans that meet each child's unique needs. Committed to delivering current approaches, Julia actively engages in ongoing professional development to incorporate the latest evidence-based practices into her sessions. This dedication ensures that she provides the highest standard of care to the children and families she sees.

In her free time, Julia enjoys being in nature with family and friends whilst camping, 4-wheel driving, and playing with her dog, Ted.