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Anitra Sabu John

Occupational Therapist

I am an occupational therapist. My passion for paediatric occupational therapy stems from a deep desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families. I am dedicated to creating a nurturing and supportive environment where children can develop the skills needed for daily life, play, and learning.

My journey as a paediatric occupational therapist is underpinned by a profound commitment to a strength-based perspective. I firmly believe that identifying and nurturing a child's inherent strengths lays the foundation for their overall development. By focusing on what each child can do, we empower them to overcome challenges and build the skills necessary for daily life, play, and learning. This strength-based philosophy, combined with a keen awareness of the holistic nature of a child's development, shapes my approach to providing comprehensive and effective care.
I believe in a holistic approach to paediatric occupational therapy, collaborating closely with families, caregivers and other healthcare professionals to create comprehensive tailored treatment plans that celebrate each child's abilities and address their specific needs. I ensure that my interactions with children and their families are person-centred by incorporating families in goal-setting and encouraging their involvement in sessions with their children.

Outside of work, I enjoy dancing, going to the beach, exploring new places and restaurants and spending quality time with my family and friends