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Ronel Van Der Westhuizen, a woman wearing glasses and a floral top.

Ronel Van Der Westhuizen

Senior Occupational Therapist

Ronel is a senior Occupational Therapist, working at the Brendale Clinic. Her dedication lies in enhancing the quality of life for young people and their families or carers. Ronel is a firm advocate for employing a strength-based approach, empowering her clients to develop meaningful skills and reach their maximum potential.

One of Ronel's distinctive qualities is her emphasis on familial involvement. She actively encourages families and carers to participate in the goal-setting process, fostering a collaborative and supportive therapeutic journey. Her belief in a holistic approach is reflected in her commitment to ensuring that families are integral to the overall success of therapy.

Ronel's creativity shines through in her practice. She delights in developing innovative activities that include an element of play, making the learning process enjoyable for her clients. 

Outside of work, she enjoys camping, spending time with her family, doing many types of crafts and going to the beach.