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A woman smiling at the camera, wearing a colorful blouse and a nametag labeled "Zoe Jones." She has a necklace and earrings.

Zoe Jones

Occupational Therapy Lead

Zoe is the Occupational Therapy Lead at Pepper Kids Therapy. She began her career in paediatric Occupational Therapy in 2009, and has extensive experience in both hospital and community settings. Zoe enjoys providing family-centred therapy to a range of children from early intervention in infants, to supporting adolescents to flourish into young adults. She loves journeying alongside families and supporting them with the joys and challenges of raising children. She is particularly interested in early intervention, complex medical and neurological conditions, and has extensive experience in these areas.

Her greatest joy is seeing families proud of their children - seeing the little spark in a child’s eye when they realise they can do something, and that they don’t have to miss out on activities, even if the activity needs to be changed or modified. She loves seeing kids grow and develop and supporting them to reach their goals.

Outside of work, Zoe enjoys swimming, being outside in her garden, and going on adventures with her husband and two children.